The White Man Arrives

Here we examine and discuss the first arrival on the shores of South Africa of the European races. In 1488 the first Portuguese mariners made landfall at the Cape, but they did not attempt to settle, The first permanent white settlement took place in 1652 with the arrival at the Cape of representatives of the Dutch East India Company, intending to establish a way station and resupply depot for passing ships of the Company.

It was this initial European settlement that began white history in South Africa, and in turn set in motion the multi-faceted race conflict the would define, and in many respects continues to define, the social and political landscape of South Africa.

In this episode we cover the period of this initial arrival up until the date of WWII, pausing before the formation of the Republic of South Africa, and the commencement of the race policies of Apartheid. These will be subjects for future episodes.

This is a controversial and contentious period of South African history, and I would encourage you to contribute and comment if you feel there has been any error of fact or emphasis in this podcast.