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Of Passive and Violent Resistance: Gandhi and Smuts in South Africa

In the British general election of 1892, the nation was astonished as results began to trickle in to discover that an Indian, an elderly Parsi by the name of Dadabahi Naoroji, had taken the inner London seat of Finsbury Central on behalf of the Liberal Party. This was a watershed moment in British domestic politics, marking the conclusion of a… Read more →

Biafra: The Nigerian Civil War 1967 to 1970

The name Biafra remains inextricably associated with starving children, their bellies distended and their hair discolored by kwashiorkor, lending the first indications to an incredulous world of what post-independence Africa might look like. Biafra, however, was the name of a separatist entity that briefly existed between 1967 and 1970 as a breakaway partner in the post-independence Nigerian Federation. The war… Read more →

Rhodesia Bush War 1966 to 1980

Having published quite a number of books pertaining to both African Warfare and Rhodesian History, this offering serves as an entry level overview of the Rhodesian War as one of the last great military episodes in the African liberation period. The Rhodesian Bush War, or the Zimbabwe Liberation Struggle as it was also known, was in simple terms the culmination… Read more →

Rhodesia Regiment – A Complete History 1899 to 1981

The definitive history of the Rhodesia Regiment was authored by Peter Baxter as a combined project with the Rhodesia Services Association, including significant contributions from: Hugh Bomford Craig Fourie Tony Fraser Adrian Haggett Gerry van Tonder The book covers the formation and evolution of the Rhodesia Regiment from the earliest days of the settlement of the British colony of Rhodesia,… Read more →

Somalis: US Intervention 1992 1994

The end of the Cold War introduced an altered global dynamic. The old bond of East/West patronage in Africa was broken, weakening the first crop of independent revolutionary leadership on the continent who no longer had the support of one or other of the superpowers. With collapse of the Soviet Union, all this changed. The question of global/strategic security devolved… Read more →

Mau Mau: The Legacy of an African Rebellion

The Africa@War series Volume 7 offers and introduction to Mau Mau and will be available in mid-2012. In 1952 violence broke out in the British colony of Kenya, setting in motion what would be arguably the first of the modern African liberation struggles. The characteristics of the Mau Mau Rebellion were very different from later manifestations of the African liberation… Read more →

The South African Air Force in the Border War

The Africa@War series Volume 9 offers and introduction to South African air force operations in Angola¬† and will be available in mid-2012. The South African Border War was the last of the true African Liberation Struggles, which, at its simplest, pitted the monolithic South African Defense Force (SADF) and South African Air Force (SAAF) against the rag-tag guerrilla army of… Read more →