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Selous Scouts: Rhodesian Counter-Insurgency Specialists

The Africa@War series is being launched this year as a joint venture between 30 Degrees South publishing of SA and the Helion Group of the UK. It covers African warfare in the post WWII period, which, as we all know, is a very rich period in this particular field. The first book to be released in the series is Prof.… Read more →

France in Centrafrique

An interesting project landed in my lap a few months ago. My publisher, Chris Cocks of 30° South Publishing in Johannesburg asked me if I would be interested in providing the copy for a pictorial account of Frances military relationship with the Central African Republic. What I knew about the country was fairly limited – it had been at one… Read more →

Rhodesia, The Last Outpost of the British Empire

>>Purchase this book directly from the Galago Press Site Last Outpost of the British Empire is the story of Rhodesia, the last substantial British imperial possession in Africa, and the closing act of the British Empire itself. It is an examination of the pre-independence history of Zimbabwe that offers a tangible illustration of how and why the current crisis came… Read more →