Rhodesia Regiment – A Complete History 1899 to 1981

The definitive history of the Rhodesia Regiment was authored by Peter Baxter as a combined project with the Rhodesia Services Association, including significant contributions from:

  • Hugh Bomford
  • Craig Fourie
  • Tony Fraser
  • Adrian Haggett
  • Gerry van Tonder

The book covers the formation and evolution of the Rhodesia Regiment from the earliest days of the settlement of the British colony of Rhodesia, through it’s involvement in the Anglo/Boer War, WWI, WWII and the iconic Rhodesian Bush War that was fought throughout the 1970s, culminating in independence for Rhodesia, the formation of Zimbabwe and the dissolving of all the formations of the Rhodesian Security Forces.

The book includes some 2000 images chronicling the Regiment from its inception to its dissolution, gathered and compiled by various members of the Rhodesia Services association, led by Hugh Bomford, with the inclusion of comprehensive battlefield archeology, led by Adrian Haggett, research into the Roll of Honour and various medals and awards, led by Gerry van Tonder, with a multiplicity of additional contributions.

This book will stand as a record of one of the lesser known but more important British Imperial military formations, and a record of the trench work conducted during the Rhodesian War. The Rhodesia Regiment underwent many changes during its existence, and witness a great many battles and campaigns in four significant wars. The book is a production of the Rhodesia Services Association and is published by 3o Degrees South of South Africa and Helion Press in the United Kingdom.