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Talana Hill Heritage Park and Battlesite, South Africa

The first stop on the battlefield leg of my 2013 tour of southern Africa was Ladysmith, partly because of proximity, but partly because the Siege of Ladysmith was one of the most iconic episodes of the early part of the 2nd Boer War. The only thing worth seeing as a casual visitor was the Ladysmith Siege Museum. Dundee on the… Read more →

Siege of Elands River: 4 – 16 August 1900

Map: Siege of Eland’s River Staging Post 4-14 August 1900 Map: Battle of Eland’s River 4 August 1900 With the capitulation of Johannesburg and Pretoria by early June 1900, the Commander-in-Chief of British Forces in South Africa, Lord Frederick Roberts VC, divided the Western Transvaal operational theatre into districts, with the sole objective of mopping up pockets of Boer resistance. … Read more →